1. Ruby Hoedown MMX is open for business (and talk submission!)

    Maybe one of these I’ll actually, seriously regularly blog. I had a few entries almost finished for Rails 3, but they now require some revision, so I’ll try to polish those up soon. I also have a few in the hopper related to tech writing, which should prove fun and interesting for all parties involved (OK, they’ll at least be informative!).

    But my lack of blogging isn’t the reason that I am, in fact, blogging today. No, my friends, today I am announcing that Ruby Hoedown MMX (that’s 2010 for those of you who don’t follow Roman Numerals™ very closely or may still be running on a Pentium II) is open for registration and talk submission.

    Ruby Hoedown 2010

    We’re holding the conference in Nashville at the Downtown Hilton on September 3-4, 2010, and the price will be a wallet-shredding, budget-busting, GDP-increasing, third-world-country-enriching $0 (that’s right, FREE). We had so much fun last year going free, we decided to go ahead and do it again this year. But we’re not just throwing old hat around this year; you’ll have to keep your eyes and ears tuned for some new things we’re adding and some old things that are coming back!

    So why not mosy on over to the conference website and register up or submit a talk? The CFP closes on July 2, 2010, and talk selections will (probably) be made that weekend! And if you register now (and get one of the next few slots), you’ll be able to have your say about the talks that we select (more on that soon).


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