1. Coming very soon: The Rails Upgrade Handbook

    I’ve been enjoying you guys’ feedback on my Rails 3 posts. I’ve gotten feedback both good and bad, and it’s been really helpful in the big project I’ve been working on, which I’m really glad to finally be able to talk about it a little bit. Most of the content I’ve posted about Rails 3 has been excerpted from my new eBook: The Rails 3 Upgrade Handbook.

    The cover

    It’s a hair over 100 pages of information on upgrading and improving your Rails 2.x applications with Rails 3. It covers how to upgrade, what new features can improve your existing code, a few case studies of upgrades, and extremely detailed checklists for upgrading and fixing your code.

    The release of this project is imminent, so if you’re interested head over to http://railsupgradehandbook.com and sign up to be notified of when it’s released. It will be priced at $12 and kept updated as things shift and change on the path to Rails 3 Final.

    Next week’s posts will be more consistent. I plan on discussing upgrading to Rails 3, one of my favorite new features in Rails 3, and my toolchain for writing eBooks (it’ll make hackers happy I think).


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