1. FREAK OUT (or, I quit my job and what I’m doing next)

    It’s my birthday today. I am now 26, and I’ve decided to have a quarter-life crisis.

    Most people have these a little earlier in life, but I was too busy or missed out on some of the typical milestone triggers. I don’t drink, so I missed out on my first epic hangover at 21. I haven’t graduate college yet, so I missed out on that at 22. I was already married for 5 years when 25 rolled around and some people decide they are sick being alone in their terrible, worthless existence and get married. If I wait much longer, the moniker “quarter-life” won’t make much sense probably, so I’ve decided this year is the year.

    This birthday also marks the end of my first decade of employment in the software industry (that’s weird to say I’ve done anything for a decade straight!). It’s the only job I’ve ever had. I fudged my age to sign up for one of those remote contractor websites when I was 16, and I’ve been hacking code for money ever since.

    So what does that mean? Well, I quit my job, plan on moving to Belize to open a writer’s commune/coffee shop/moped repair shop, and have adopted 13 Malaysian children that I will teach to tumble and spin plates in an effort to create “Cirque du Soleil: Belize” some day.

    You’ll be glad to know I haven’t given up sarcasm just yet.

    I did actually quit my job, though. March 25, 2011 will be my last day working at Intridea, and if all goes according to plan, my last day “working at” anywhere (aside: working at Intridea is pretty neat; if you’re looking for a job, they’re hiring). But I’ve decided that I’m going to quit talking about doing what I’ve always wanted to do, and instead, actually, you know…do it.

    I’ve been working in and with consultancies for years now. I’ve had some great experiences (and some not so great), and every time I leave one, I come away with ideas about what a great business can look like and what could really be done better. I’ve also developed some pretty wild ideas, but nowhere I’ve worked has been willing to experiment enough to test them out.

    So, I’m doing two things. I’m spinning up my own business with a good friend (Ryan Waldron, excellent Rails developer and killer biz dude), and we’re going to change the world. OK, not actually, but we are going to try some interesting business practices and work processes.

    Arcturo logo

    We’re named Arcturo, and you can see our quick cardfolio site I put together if you want to contact us about work (and you know you do); we’re currently open to pretty much whatever sort of opportunity you have available (working directly for clients, working on your product, working with your consultancy, and so on). Our full site is going to be awesome, but I’m just waiting on our illustrator (Steve Thomas) to finish up the graphics.

    Secondly, I’m starting a blog to talk about our experiences/experiments and others like them. The blog is The Business Hypothesis. I’m going to blog about what we’re doing at Arcturo and what others are doing in their business.

    So, yes. Keep an eye out. I have some other fun things planned, but I don’t want to talk about them until I know, you know, that I can actually do them. :)


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