1. On a positive note: I’m starting a positive newsletter.

    I love surfing Twitter, checking Facebook, and hanging out on Reddit/Hacker News/etc. as much as the next person, but I’ve got to be honest: you guys can kind of be douchebags. Pair that with the constant cycle of terrible news being pumped out of CNN, FOXNews, and friends, it makes me feel pretty bad about the world when I go through my morning reading cycle.

    Of course, the solution is easy: give it up. Right. So, I’ll unplug from the world, stop associating with most people, and simply live in a silent bubble of limited information for the rest of my life. That works great for some people (the Information Diet is a “thing,” remember?), but that’s not how I roll. I love absorbing information. Learning is exciting for me. But, the (seemingly) recent trend of Twitter arguments, crappy news, fear-driven reporting, and general crappery and loud-mouthiness associated with a lot of non-traditional news outlets (e.g., TechCrunch) has really started to affect my mood. I’m more on edge. I’m quicker to get grumpy.

    So, I’m forcing myself to do some Happiness Therapy™ everyday. I’ve started a newsletter called Good Morning, Interwebs, which will drop a little packet of positive into your inbox every morning. By making myself seek out positive news, good things going in the world, and other stuff that will generally make me smile, I’m thinking it’ll make me feel better about things in general. I’ve tried things like this before, but I quit quickly. “OK I’ve had a few days of this, great, OK, done.” But with the added pressure of “people expect this in their inbox tomorrow morning,” I can’t skip out on it quite as easily.

    You can subscribe with this form:

    So, go forth and enjoy. I’m not sure how this is all going to take shape, but hopefully it’ll add a bit of positivity to your morning before you wander out into the vast wasteland of negative, attention-hungry (ZOMG DID YOU KNOW ANOTHER PERSON GOT SHOT IN YOUR CITY? YOU DO NOW. BE AFRAID), and frankly exhausting media. :)


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