February 2010
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The Rails Upgrade Handbook is now available
The eBook I previously mentioned is now available! It’s only $12 at http://railsupgradehandbook.com. Inside you’ll find… Almost 120 pages of upgrade information A step-by-step guide to upgrading your app to Rails 3 High-level discussion of what’s new in Rails 3 Practical tips on using Rails 3’s new features to improve your code Real case studies of upgrading...
Feb 22nd
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Content from my Rails 3 presentation today, and a...
Some people asked for the links and slides to be placed on my blog from my presentation upgrading to Rails 3, so here they are. Download the slides Links Rails 3 Release Notes and Guides: http://guides.rails.info/ EdgeRails.info http://edgerails.info/ List of links from railslove.com: http://is.gd/8CZN2 List of links from mediumexposure.com: http://is.gd/8CZWn Yehuda╩╝s blog:...
Feb 18th
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Coming very soon: The Rails Upgrade Handbook
I’ve been enjoying you guys’ feedback on my Rails 3 posts. I’ve gotten feedback both good and bad, and it’s been really helpful in the big project I’ve been working on, which I’m really glad to finally be able to talk about it a little bit. Most of the content I’ve posted about Rails 3 has been excerpted from my new eBook: The Rails 3 Upgrade Handbook. ...
Feb 18th
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Improved validations in Rails 3
Quite sorry about not getting another post up sooner; I’ve been very busy lately with a few different things (some of which shall be revealed very soon!). Today I want to talk about validations. Validations received quite a bit of love in Rails 3, but if you don’t go looking for the new shiny features, you won’t find them. The old API is still around, so nothing will break if...
Feb 16th
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The Path to Rails 3: Greenfielding new apps with...
Upgrading applications is good sport and all, but everyone knows that greenfielding is where the real fun is. At least, I love greenfielding stuff a lot more than dealing with old ghetto cruft that has 1,900 test failures (and 300 errors), 20,000 line controllers, and code that I’m pretty sure is actually a demon-brand of PHP. Building a totally new app in Rails 3 is relatively simple...
Feb 5th
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rails-upgrade is now an official plugin
I apologize for not getting another Rails 3 upgrade post up this weekend, but I spent this weekend working on a few things. First, I contributed a few little pieces to the Rails 3 release notes, which should be showing up on the Rails blog soon (edit: or view them here right now), but most of my time was devoted to a bigger project. My little gem rails-upgrade is now rails_upgrade, an...
Feb 1st
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