October 2010
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Pay no attention to the code behind the curtain:...
tl;dr: Thanks for helping me win the Solo Division of the Rails Rumble! Also, the tech behind this is pretty sweet. My last post talked a bit about the story behind the application, but this time, I want to give you guys and gals a little bit of detail on the tech behind the application. The app The application is a Rails 3.0.1 application. It has 3 controllers and 2 models, with almost...
Oct 23rd
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From tl;dr to Techcrunch: my Rumble app's story
tl;dr - Go vote for tldr.it on http://railsrumble.com! (That’s the screen cast I was going to post where the “How it works” section is now on the page, but I didn’t have time. View it on Vimeo, if you’d like.) So, wow, it’s really been a wild ride for my Rumble app so far. I thought maybe I’d share a little bit about the app’s story today,...
Oct 22nd
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