January 2010
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rails-upgrade: Automating a portion of the Rails 3...
If you’re looking for more info on upgrading, don’t miss out on my other posts on Rails 3 starting here. NOTE: This is now an official, blessed plugin, so use that rather than this gem. More info here. I’ve been playing with upgrading some apps to Rails 3 (some open-source, some not), and I’ve sort of gotten some of the process down to a science. So what does a...
Jan 29th
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The Path to Rails 3: Approaching the upgrade
Now that we’ve looked at some of the core architecture, I’d like to shift my focus first to upgrading an application. Originally I had planned on writing about upgrading plugins first, but apparently that API isn’t quite stable. So, I figured rather than write a blog post that will be deprecated in 2 weeks, I’d rather write one that will be deprecated in 3-6 months...
Jan 26th
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The Path to Rails 3: Introduction
Wow, over half a year with no blog post. That may be a new record for blog laziness for me, but fear not! This bout of sloth shall not last, and the dearth of blog entries shall come to and end! This cure should come partially because I’ve switched to Tumblr and can now compose my entries in Markdown, and partially because that’s part of my whole Get a Better Life New Year’s...
Jan 20th
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